Monday, December 10, 2018

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Monday

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Monday, hope you all are well! This is what I've found for us today. At first I really liked this kitchen, however, the more I study the layout and design, there are a few things I don't care for.

I I love the contrast between the rich color of the flooring and the white of the cabinets and light of the kitchen. The gray above the stove goes well with the stainless steel stove. I like the dark counter tops as well, it makes that contrast again of light/dark in this kitchen. The exhaust area above the stove, I truly like how that resembles a fireplace mantle. However, what bothers me about the stove area is there is no counter top space close to be used during cooking on the stove. I think of myself cooking and I always have things close to the stove when using the burners for cooking. Other than that, I like the lines and design of this kitchen, just not a fan of the area around the stove. Let me know your thoughts!

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