Monday, June 26, 2017

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Mondays

Good Morning All. I have a lovely pic for today's Klassy Kitchen. I really enjoy the contrast between the white, or perhaps ivory cabinets with the black stove and the black in the clock on the wall. Very nice.
I like that the kitchen seems to have a good amount of storage space. I do like the rounded cabinets on the end as well as those on the island. I would prefer a different flooring then what they have. I would be concerned that this flooring would show dirt and scuffing do to the color of it. I think a nice wood floor would accent it will. I'm not a real fan of the light fixture either. It does not look like there would be enough lighting in the kitchen to see well.  However, all in all, a very nice one.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Italian Cooking Tips & Tricks with Chef Cristian Feher

Ahhh who doesn't love Italian? Here are some great tips for Italian cooking. The second tip is one that I have seen several times, but still a good one! As for the first tip, I have always done what he does, but never realized why my mother in law (Italian) would have me do that.
I cook with fresh garlic now, but didn't for years because the ex-husband didn't like garlic. This is pretty comical considering his mom was Italian. Enjoy the tips and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5 Things to Know About Ants in the Kitchen--News Wednesday

5 Things to Know About Ants in the Kitchen is our news article for today. Interestingly enough, I cannot stand ants. Something about them attacking me on my potty chair when I was little, it's all a trauma blur. Considering that this is one of the times of the year that people tend to have to fight ants in their kitchens, I thought the article would be a good read!
One point of this article I was completely not aware of at all! I know that ants can be attracted to sugary things such as the kids' spilled soda or koolaid. Been there, done that! However, I didn't realize that some ants are attracted to grease. If you want to read the article yourself, you can click the link here.