Monday, May 15, 2017

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Mondays

Hi all, I've been searching for some interesting kitchens, not necessarily ones I love everything about, but ones that have some interesting features that I like. This week, I am listing a modern kitchen (or so they tell me).
Let's take a look at this kitchen. First of all, I sooo love the gray cabinets. They are absolutely gorgeous and go nicely with the wood flooring as well. I like the lighting and the space around the island. It looks like the area on the one wall is not for prep work, simply to sit at perhaps? The color of the wood on the island, I do not care for. I'm not sure why they did not continue with the gray. To me the green color just looks completely out of place, but that's just view. I also feel like the sink wall is pretty bare, Perhaps that is the "modern" aspect. Let me know your thoughts!

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