Monday, March 20, 2017

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Mondays

Hello all! I have a lovely kitchen for this week. I would love to move right in to this kitchen! Let's take a peak shall we?
Well, you should all know by now that I love wood floors in the kitchen, and this one is just beautiful! Tons of storage in this kitchen! Perhaps not as much countertop area as I prefer, however, they do have the island for extra counter space. The stainless steel appliances add to the nice clean lines of the kitchen. It gives off a very warm and comforting feel to it. I would probably choose a different color for the wall color. I don't really care for that color, nor the range hood for that matter. The lighting is good as well as natural light from the windows by the sink. All in all, a very lovely find! Let me know your thoughts!

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