Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fire Safety: Kitchen Cooking Tips

If you have ever experienced a kitchen fire, it is certainly a scary thing! This video has some great tips for kitchen fire safety. I remember waking up to my smoke alarm going off, and my 16 year old coming into my bedroom. He said.. the house is full of smoke! What happened was he was trying to cook french fries on the stove in oil. When he finally put a frozen fry in, the house filled with smoke. I asked him how hot he had gotten the oil. His response was, well, I waited for it to boil before I put in the fry. Seriously. Now he is a great cook, but I don't know if he makes french fries on the stove top or not?
Please remember to be careful. Great tips in this video, especially about keeping the lids handy in case a pan fire breaks out. Hopefully my oldest won't be reading my blog.

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