Friday, August 4, 2017

Fabulous Friday Funnies

Happy Friday Everyone. I hope you all have had a good week! If you are working on the weekends, I hope it goes well for you. I've done my fair share of that as well. The funny today make me think of my dad.
I'm pretty sure he told me this when I was a kid. He had such a great sense of humor. Smart police officer if you asked me. You all have a great Friday! Keep those laughs coming!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to Cook Seven Simple Recipes over a Campfire

How to Cook Seven Simple Recipes over a Campfire. This is a pretty good video, and remember that it does say "simple" recipes. Good "to-do" list, lots of preparation information as well.

When I go camping ( I do use a camp stove as well as an open flame depending on what I'm preparing) I do lots of prep at home to save time while camping. I mix up dry pancake batter, then simply add my eggs, milk, and oil when I am ready to cook them. I think the video has some good information and ideas, especially for someone who hasn't done much camping.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! I saved the best rustic kitchen for the last post of the month. This kitchen just brings up feelings of comfort, peace, and home when I view it. The stove area is fantastic, set in the alcove which looks like it housed a fireplace. The white ceiling area tends to break up all the wood which is a nice touch.
The area rugs draw in both the ceiling color as well as the wood. Great choice for the rugs. The lighter counter top color also gives the kitchen a lighter feeling than having the dark counter top of last week's kitchen. This kitchen has the Farmhouse sink style that last week's kitchen had. Very nice. There looks to be plenty of room on either side of the island to keep it functional, yet not in the way.  I think I would probably do something different with the lighting, as well as the back splash for the stove.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fabulous Friday Funnies

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I do have some friends who enjoy their wine. When I saw this, I thought of one of them in particular.
Ah, laughter is great medicine. Hope you all have a great weekend. Try to get out of the kitchen, as warm as the weather is! I'm planning on making meatloaf in the cast iron skillet out on the bar-b-que grill! Have a good one!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Camping Cooking Tips for You

Camping Cooking Tips for You has some good tips. Several of the items most people probably already have. Like cast iron skillets. Love mine! He mentions tinfoil as a way to cook also. I realize a lot of people don't care for it, but I sure use it when camping with cooking!

A great idea about bringing a spice kit along. I know when we first started camping, after we got home I would make a list about items I wanted to take the next time. Not a bad video overall. Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Krazy Klassy Kitchen Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! As I mentioned last week I have found some gorgeous Rustic Kitchens to finish out our month of July Klassy Kitchens.
What a gorgeous kitchen this week! First of all, I love the stove, and the brick back splash just makes it! I also love the different shades of wood in this kitchen. The richer browns and reds work well together. Once again, the wood beams for the ceiling are a great touch. The counter space may be slightly limited, not sure how much we are not being able to view from this picture. The sink works very well with this style of kitchen also. I'm not a big fan of the range hood they have chosen. It does go well with the counter top, but it's not my favorite. All in all, a lovely rustic kitchen. I do like the light as well. Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fabulous Friday Funnies

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you have had a good week! I found a cute funny for today. For anyone who's ever owned a pet, I'm sure you can relate to this one some level.
I went into the kitchen after carrying the groceries in, to put them away. On the floor was a bread wrapper without any bread in it, and it looked like it had been sliced open with a knife. My trusty pet was laying beside it with her tail wagging and her paw on the empty carcass of the bread wrapper. I am not sure exactly how quickly she wolfed down that loaf of bread, but it had to have been a record.